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Helpful Wedding Articles and Tips

Summary of this article:

  • The most important part of your day so plan it accordingly. For example check if there is a wedding before or after yours.
  • Check with your clergy or minister if you wish to customize your vows.

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The Ceremony

The ceremony is the very basis of the wedding day. The vows that you pledge to one another are the foundation of the ceremony. Some clergy will allow you to write your own vows but for others this deviation from the traditional practice is not allowed. Whichever the case, take some time alone with each other to discuss your vows. This will add meaning to your ceremony and they won't just be words, but rather a personal commitment to each other.

When choosing the time for the ceremony remember to leave enough time for pictures after the service. Most photographers want about 1 1/2 - 2 hours between the ceremony and the reception.

Another factor to consider is where and when to have the receiving line. The most natural flow of events is to have it immediately following the recessional, however for various reasons, this is often impossible. You may, therefore, want to have the receiving line at the reception. One note about having the receiving line at the reception is that unless the bride and groom disappear after the ceremony, a receiving line will form "automatically" and then you are trapped. Many couples "escape" either outside or into the basement until the guests have left the church and then return for photographs. Some announcement to the guests is necessary if this is your choice, so they know what they are to do.

For most brides and grooms, the ceremony is the scariest part of the whole day! The exchanging of vows seems to be the crest of the day and, after that its all downhill. If you're the nervous type, here are several hints to help keep you in control:

  • Before the wedding, vigorous exercise, such as jogging, a competitive game of tennis, squash or swimming, can relax the nervous system
  • Watch what you eat -- sugar makes most people hyper and hyper is not what you need!
  • Mixed drinks, with pop are full of sugar and alcohol only takes the edge off your awareness (which is not really the desired result).

The ceremony is the centre of your wedding day. It carries in it the excitement, tradition and lasting promise of love for one another. Plan it thoroughly but then enjoy it!

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