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Helpful Wedding Articles and Tips

Summary of this article:

  • Don't get overwhelm with the numerous selection of styles and paper but concentrate on your wedding style and budget.
  • Make sure to proof your wording before you go to print.

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Wedding Invitations

It used to be that all wedding invitations followed a traditional pattern: plain white or cream quality paper with engraved lettering spelling out the accepted wording. Today, things have changed. You're free to be yourself. There is such a choice in invitations. However, good taste should still be very much in evidence. Choose a very good quality paper with engraved lettering. The wording, if not traditional, should be decided upon with care. (sample wording can be found in the different invitation catalogues at your local stationery store.) If your guest list is small, a handwritten note is sent. The wording is quite informal -

i.e., Dear Mary: Jan and John are to be married on June first, at four o'clock, in the Walton Memorial United Church here in Oakville. After the ceremony we will be holding a reception in our home. We hope you will be able to join us. Sincerely, Joan

Who Issues The Invitations

The Bride's parents traditionally issue the invitations even if the bride no longer lives at home. If both parents are deceased, then a close relative or guardian could sponsor the wedding. If parents are divorced, the parent with whom the bride is living, issues the invitations. Today many couples choose to issue the invitations themselves.

The Invitation List

Determine the number to be invited, and allocate a portion of the total to the bride's family, groom's family, the bride and groom. Usually, this is a third of the number of each. But the division of the list depends on a number of circumstances: the size of the families (is one a great deal larger than the other), the distance guests must come, large or small connections, etc.

The bride's mother should consult with the mother of the groom regarding the division of the list and let her know the number of guests she may invite.

Style of Address

There are two envelopes used with wedding invitations. The invitation, along with the reply card, is inserted in the inner (smaller) envelope which is left unsealed. This is then placed in the outer envelope.

The outer envelope should be addressed by hand (never type-written). When sending to a married couple, it should be addressed: Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, and a full address.

The inner envelope is addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Jones", without Christian names or addresses. When children are to be invited, their Christian names are written on the inner envelope under that of their parents. Children over twenty-one receive separate invitations.

Invitations to Single Guests

There are two schools of thought regarding single friends who will be guests. One suggests that the friend should be contacted to determine her/his guest's name and address, and that a separate invitation be issued to that person. The other school contends it is quite proper to invite "Miss Jane Doe and Escort" or "Miss Jane Doe and Friend". Choose the style you prefer; either is correct.

Invitation To The Clergy

If your minister is a personal friend, you would provide him/her and spouse with a regular invitation. Otherwise, if the minister is to be invited to the reception, a hand-written note is sent by the bride's mother thus relieving him/her of the obligation of a gift.

The Wedding Party

The groom's parents and members of the wedding party like to have their invitations as keepsakes. A few invitations could be sent to the groom's parents, along with a note saying you knew they would want to see them as soon as they were off the press. The keepsake invitation could either be given by hand, or mailed to each member of the bridal party.

Mailing Date

Invitations should be mailed four to five weeks before the wedding date. This is to allow sufficient time for the replies to be returned to you. (If using a reply card, request a reply date at least ten days before the wedding.)


Announcements are sent to those friends and relatives who could not be invited to the wedding. They need no acknowledgment, nor do they require the recipient to send a gift. The announcements should be ready the day of the wedding to be mailed following the ceremony.

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