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Tips for Choosing a Disc Jockey for your Reception

To a lot of people, the music service you hire for the reception can "make or break" your wedding reception. Therefore, it is important to hire a reputable, professional company. You may have to pay a little more than you would the less experienced DJ's or a "friend of a friend" , but when you compare the cost of your wedding to the cost difference between the cheap services and even the most expensive DJ services, it's a small percentage for the peace of mind that professional quality can offer.

Your DJ should offer you suggestions to make your evening unique. Tell him/her if you want non-stop music, or you require one or more breaks. Inform him /her of any special songs or music you require and when you would like them played. Provide names of any guests who may be celebrating birthdays or, in particular, anniversaries even if they are a month away.

Everyone you invite deserves a good time and requires that the dance music is at a sensible volume so people can talk at their tables without having to leave the room. Too often, DJ's use sound equipment that is just too small to produce good sounding music, and the screeching noise drives the older guests away. They should prove to you that they have the equipment to suit the size of your hall with the capacity to play clear undistorted music. Also, the music should be suited to your guests, not the DJ. Your DJ must have the experience to present it all in a smooth fashion.

To ensure reliability ask your prospective DJ if he/she is a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and if he or she carries back-up equipment. Dress codes and drinking habits should be of concern to you. Make sure to obtain a written contract. No one likes to see a problem develop, but if you face reality, you'll realize it can happen to you! Without a written contract, you have no legal recourse if something does go wrong.

A lot of DJ's are cutting corners to make ends meet, during tough economic times. Make sure your DJ has the latest songs you or your guests may request. It's always a good idea to ask for references and be sure to follow up by phoning these people.

Make sure the DJ you select is out-going and personable. Remember, your reception depends, not only on the music your DJ plays but on how he /she can make the guests feel comfortable and get up from their tables and dance. And don't be tempted to cut expenses by getting your cousin to play the music. Many a reception has been ruined by the use of a DJ that was too bashful to speak and played music on home equipment that didn't carry in a big hall.

Tips for Choosing a Musician

Most importantly, ask the musician for a demo tape. This way you will be able to see if his or her style matches your taste. Ask for references and call them. This is the best way to find out whether the musician is dependable and responsible. One of the major problems that couples encounter with musicians is strict rules in church. Many a wedding ceremony has been marred by the fact that the minister would only allow hymns and religious music to be played in church. Avoid disappointment by checking with your minister before deciding the songs which will be played in church. Also, some churches insist that their organist play in the church. If this is the case, perhaps the musician can accompany the organist. Check with your minister!

Consider the musical ambiance of your whole day - from your rehearsal dinner/brunch, prelude to the ceremony, the ceremony itself, during cocktails, while photos are being taken, during the receiving line, dinner and dancing. Whether you choose a solo instrument or a 15 piece band, budget a minimum of $200 for an hour up to $1,000.00 for the entire night. Music is the language of love. Let it enhance your special day.

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