Floral Arrangements From the Heart

Owner, Jolanta Ziolkowska Looks forward to helping you create the flowers of your dreams for your wedding.

For a Personal Touch! We can imprint words and designs on your flowers


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Jolanta Ziolkowska is living her dream! The owner of Bronte’s newest Flower shop, Late Bloom Florist and Gift Boutique, developed a passion for flower arranging while helping a friend with her Oakville Flower shop. She bought every book she could get her hands on and began making floral arrangements for friends while still keeping her day job. Her friends loved her creativity and so she decided to quit her job and open a store.
“I spent over a year looking for a location. When I saw that this unit had become available, I knew it was for me!” says Jolanta. “I signed the lease on July 11, 2008 and opened three months later.”
In addition to flowers, the shop features an extensive selection of giftware and ­decorative items: There is beautiful glassware including some striking metal and glass vases from Poland with designs for both the wall and table. “I have a little bit of everything” says Jolanta. There are planters, pots, ­candles, even stuffed toys. Jolanta also sells jewellery that is custom designed by a close friend. “The designs are unique and one-of-a kind.” says Jolanta. “When you wear one of these pieces you can be confident that you won’t find another lady with the same jewellery.”
Jolanta is committed to bring quality to her work and a smile to her customer’s face. “I love people and I especially love making them happy. My motto is that there is no amount that is too small. If someone tells me they can only afford a $10 ­arrangement, I’ll do it and it will be nice!
Jolanta also loves to express her creativity by being different. She has one gentleman who comes in every week and orders a ­single rose.” It’s easier to dress up a dozen roses than a single one, but each week I get great pleasure in creating something different for him”. Jolanta recalls one client who was in a wedding party but couldn’t wear her corsage on her dress because it would damage the material. She also didn’t want to wear it on her wrist because that was old-fashioned. Jolanta ­created a beautiful corsage to fit on her purse.
Jolanta’s passion for flowers comes through the moment you enter her store and her customers are loving it. “I’ve already got many repeat customers and already a few corporate clients” says Jolanta. “I am very grateful for the business because I love what I do. When I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to get to the store. I left a great job with security because I needed to follow my heart and my customers are telling me I made the right decision.”
Jolanta is very proud to provide the very freshest flowers possible. And what is her secret? “I rock my flowers!” says Jolanta. “My flowers listen to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. You won’t hear easy listening music here, although I do sometimes listen to opera. I call it my Rock and Roll Forest and my flowers love it!”

If you are planning a wedding, you want to be sure the florist you select will work impeccably with you. Jolanta is your choice! Be sure to drop in soon to visit this charming lady and her lovely store.
Late Bloom Florist and Gift Boutique is located in the Great Lakes Plaza, 3420 Rebecca Street, Unit 23, Oakville (at Great Lakes Boulevard) 905.469.8009