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The First Dance

It is the emotional highlight of the wedding celebration: The first dance of the newlyweds. Sooner or later, everyone wants to learn to dance. Since all eyes will be on you when you dance the first dance with your new spouse, why not learn in time for your wedding! Dancing can be fun if you have the right teacher plus it's a great stress reliever during the hectic weeks before the big day. And great exercise too! But more than these, it can develop the personal self ­ confidence and carriage you'll appreciate on your wedding day and for the rest of your life. Dancing will give you a greater ­ appreciation of music. You'll enjoy your evenings out more because you'll be able to dance to nearly every song!

Some studios offer choreography to your first and last songs. Others offer private, group and wedding party sessions. Make sure you find out exactly what you're getting and that you're getting what you want, not what the studio wants to sell you.

Perhaps the most important attribute of good dancing is smoothness. It is NOT how many steps that you (sort of) know! Smoothness adds grace and elegance – very appropriate qualities when you ­ consider the Bride and Groom's attire.

Your lessons should take your physical self into account. It is important that you feel comfortable doing the dance. Not all steps look good performed by every person. Be sure that the studio understands your ­purpose in learning to dance and your timeframe. If the program isn't progressing to your satisfaction, let them know. Of course, practice makes perfect so practice, practice, practice.

The first dance is one of the most ­romantic moments of your wedding ­reception, and also the start of your evening celebrations. Perhaps you already have a song that's "your song" and will make a perfect first dance track.

For more information about dance ­lessons and/or choreographing your first dance contact Marie Zimmer at All Star Dance Studio: 905-383-7903.

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