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Why should the bride and groom choose a videographer?
We all know how forgetful on a daily basis we can all be. Wouldn’t it make sense then to retain as much of our memory as possible of the most important day of our life? Not only can a good videographer do that, but he can also capture the laughs, the family reactions, the personal anecdotes dedicated to the couple and the funny dancing, from many vantage points, not just one!

"You can make beautiful things out of a beautiful day."
Boguslaw Tecza, producer and owner of Vidart, has always enjoyed capturing people at their best. "I believe there is a natural feeling in the air that looks great when captured on film or video. It is one of true emotions and forgiveable awkward moments that make up the images of our memory." Boguslaw began his career at an early age in photography and about 10 years ago evolved into documentary filmmaking and editing. Says Boguslaw "I love what I do. I also come from a theatre and comedy background so I not only feel comfortable around people, but I think people feel comfortably around me as well – which is very important if you don’t want to intrude on someone’s big day!"

Boguslaw is a sincere, fun loving professional who is passionate about his art. He also has the know-how, experience, and equipment to make a wonderful day into a wonderful product. "I shoot on the new Canon XH A1 and edit on Sony Vegas Studio both broadcast standard platforms that make your wedding video look like a moment in time. The product I deliver contains not just a wedding video that documents the wedding from beginning to end, which is what most companies offer, but it incorporates a prologue of how the couple met, flashback sequences to childhood, a full feature length documentation of the entire day, but most importantly: a tight 20-40minute final product that is assembled to show only the absolute best and important moments for those who can’t commit to a 2 hour screening every time. " 

Boguslaw has
taken numerous video production courses at Sheridan College, as well as Vistek in Toronto. "The courses helped me understand the tools of the Video Production trade, but my projects are a result of my experience and playfulness behind the camera." 

Given the anxiety of our big day, everything seemed to be happening so fast so it was really nice to have a film capturing all the important moments in real time including those we weren’t able to see first hand; teary eyes, big smiles – after all, our eyes were closed during our first kiss! A film we return to very often and it never fails to put us back in those shoes, back in that day, back in the height of those emotions.
- Sylwia & Andrzej